Short travel story: powercut

Today our travel mate (“Mrs. Cinnamon”) has to leave. We wanted to make a deluxe breakfast for her goodbye: selfmade pancakes with apple, cinnamon, banana and trickle (Sri Lankan coconut palm syrup) and nice espresso coffee. But… there was a powercut! When our friend came from surfing really hungry we had everything ready to cook but no electricity… In the house we stay the locals cook over the fire and don’t use gas. Our stove is an electric stove. One hour later – tired of waiting – we went to the next local shop, bought some crackers and a roti. It turned out to be the crappiest breakfast we’ve had in the last three weeks and it made us laugh. When we found out that the powercut was a planned one and will end at 5pm we made the best out of it. Our fridge and freezer was defrosted at 5pm as you can imagine when it is 35 degrees. We flooded the whole kitchen when we took out the tablets of the fridge… and found a little dead lizard at the back of the fridge, probably frozen and defrosted. *Ugh*


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