Short travel story: a room at the sea front

We arrived at Kabalana beach, Sri Lanka, around noon. As we usually do we looked for a nice restaurant to drop off our luggage and to have a juice before walking around to find a nice and cheap accommodation. We found this nice beach shack with beautiful rooms at the sea front. We sat down for a juice, enjoyed watching the waves and talked to some guys who stayed there. The owner of the place offered us a room for 6000 LKR (around 35 €). He got down to 4000 LKR (25 €) when we mentioned that we were looking for a room for 1500 LKR (10€). We respected his price because his rooms were really beautiful, with sea view and a private balcony. Our friend stayed in the restaurant with our backpacks while my husband and me walked around in the village and checked out other options. I’d recommend this to everyone by the way. We came back with two alternatives: two rooms with kitchen and balcony in the jungle for total 3000 LKR or two rooms for 6000 LKR with fridge and lounge close to the beach. While discussing the options with our friend the price for a room at the sea front constantly dropped. Of course we preferred the rooms at the sea front but we were aware of our budget. We wanted to have two rooms, not only one. And we didn’t want to pay more than 1500 LKR per room. We had already our backpacks on when the owner finally gave us two rooms for 1500 LKR each, at least for one night. Luckily we settled there. The next day he increased the price and made us move out but we won’t forget this one night at the beach for an exceptional price…


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