The best thing to do in Kuta, Bali


We had to overcome a huge culture shock as we arrived in Kuta, Bali – not so much because of the Indonesian culture but more because tourism there felt like hell!

We wanted to find the real Bali and meet some nice and friendly local people which seemed to be impossible in the hassle in Kuta. From the beach we saw a huge poster saying „the cross = love“. We identified it as a poster from Hillsong church and decided to go to the service on Friday. It took place in a bar in a big shopping mall at the beach. Hillsong church is famous for the great music – you feel like in a pop concert, in a good way. It is not at all what traditional church looks like. Our home church in Switzerland (icf: international christian fellowship) is based on the same concept. It felt like coming home.CEL_event_1600x610-1500x610

We met awesome locals who were passionate about their faith in Jesus. We could feel the love of God from the second we entered the place. It was just what we needed. Our hearts were hungry for truth. Everything was translated into English.

As we went to service again on Sunday the message seemed to be only for us. It was about gratitude and thankfulness. Wow. This was a good thing for us to practice as we didn’t feel comfortable and were constantly complaining. God seemed to open our eyes for all the good we receive every day. Thankfulness is a key to happiness. It is very basic and vital. You can only receive more when you are thankful for what you have now. God has more in store. His love changes us from the inside. I needed to hear and more: to feel this message!

I’m convinced that visiting Hillsong Bali is the best thing to do in Kuta! Whether you are a believer or not the service will touch your heart, I think. If you have never been to a church this church service will blow your mind! It’s not what church used to look like. It’s what church looks like when we listen to our hearts and really want to meet God’s power. It’s inviting, it’s modern, it’s open, it’s real. Give it a try: Hillsong Bali

By the way: You find lots of music from the Hillsong movement online! I love it! Here are two of my favorite songs: Oceans Hillsong                   From the inside out Hillsong



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