Sugar free! A new way of living …

I am a person who loves to reinvent herself! I think it’s a good thing to change, to adapt and to try new things. Every now and then I try a new diet. I change my nutrition for various reasons but always also to lose weight. With this post I take you a little bit into a topic many people struggle with: My body. The shape of my body. Loosing weight. Diets. Comparing myself to everyone else. Hating myself. Starting all over again. Never feeling satisfied, always worried, always hiding under T-shirts and towels. I hate that.

When I was 13 years old I was on a diet for the first time in my life … but not for the last time! Looking back at the beautiful insecure girl I was it’s simply ridiculous that I was on a diet because I was thin and healthy. But as probably most of you know often our opinion about ourselves has not much to do with reality. That’s one of the reasons we struggle so much with this topic. It doesn’t matter how many people tell us that we look good – if we don’t feel pretty enough it won’t change a thing. We suffer from deep within. – I don’t think I am an exception here.

Over the last ten years I always had a little bit more than needed – no one else would find it significant but I would never feel totally comfortable in my body. I tried various diets, mostly with little success. But always the weight came back sooner or later. One very important thing I’ve learned is the following: What ever you do to your body don’t do it out of hate but out of love! When I change my diet, when I eat or when I fast I don’t do it because I hate the way my body looks at the moment but because I want to do something good to myself, because I care for my body.

The last diet I did was a low carb diet. Basically I can recommend it to anyone who wants to loose a lot of weight. It’s not handy to avoid all kind of carbs – it will make your day a lot more complicated. But the results will show off and you don’t need to be hungry which is a big plus to this diet and which allows you to do it over a longer period of time. I even managed to bake very tasty low carb bread (mostly flaxseed, egg and curd) and my husband preferred my low carb pizza to the pizza from the supermarket because it was delicious! It was just when we started traveling that it was impossible for me to stick to this diet …

Why do I tell you this? Because I started to eat (mostly) “sugar free” a few weeks ago and the results are impressive. I think I’ve found the diet I will stick to for the rest of my life because I can feel and see what it does to my body. It is not even as hard as the low carb diet because I don’t avoid all kind of carbs but only sugar.

I am the “all or nothing” kind of person which is amazing when you start a new life but is not good in concerns of chocolate or cookies … because I can’t just eat a little chocolate. It’s impossible for me to have just one cookie. So obviously it is easier for me to have no chocolate and no cookies at all than to try to have only little. Which again, is a good thing because I realize again and again how easy the new diet is for me. Although I started it mostly to lose weight I will keep it because of the various health benefits. After only a few days I could see how my skin improved. I lost weight very quickly and naturally. I ate everything I normally eat (and didn’t in all the other diets; pasta, rice, bread!).  I just had no soft drinks and sweets in the beginning. Quickly I got used to reading the ingredients of everything I buy. You’d be shocked how many soups and sauces contain sugar.

By the way: There are awesome natural sugar substitutes! You can use coconut sugar or stevia instead of white or cane sugar. You can still bake your favorite cookies or cakes. There are endless sugar free recipes online. Once you have some basic healthy ingredients at home you can prepare most of them. I recommend the following blog posts if you want to read more about it:

Why sugar is bad for the body

My favorite blog in German

Recipes without sugar

There is the trend from the U.S. called “clean eating”. It goes a lot further than avoiding just sugar, saying that all kind of processed food is bad for the body. It’s probably worth to google.

Clean eating

I personally think you should go as far as it feels comfortable for you. Eating should not become like a strict religion with multiple rules to follow. You should enjoy eating and the rules you follow should serve you and not the other way round. A friend of mine lives a sugar free life six days a week and on the one day she enjoys having cookies and cake. She is very happy with her diet and lost weight in a healthy way. I think this is the way to do it: adopt a diet to your personality. Becoming aware of what we eat (and why) is the first step. Being mindful in everything we do or don’t improves our life in various ways. And: every “No” to what mainstream does and eats is a “Yes” to yourself and your goals! 🙂

Another German blog I like

I really recommend to you: try it out! Start your own sugar free experiment. You have nothing to lose (except some kilos), right? You’ll probably see the first health benefits after a few days. Know for sure that you do something really good to your body. I don’t regret not eating sugar since I look for alternatives. And in a very difficult moment I tell myself that I love my body more than I love ice cream!

Note: the related links above are not sponsored and I don’t take advantage of recommending them. If you want to get deeper into the topic it’s probably best to google by yourself and to find blog posts in your mother tongue. 😉


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