Jesus-Centred Meditation

The word “meditate” means to ponder over something. It is something precious in today’s world to have time and vital for our health. I especially enjoy the silence when I am meditating. I not only experience silence around me but also within me. There is a place of inner silence. The more often you meditate the easier it becomes to access this place and to stop thinking.

I got in touch with Jesus-centred meditation in India. I discovered a lot about myself and even more about Jesus, the key person of Christian faith. For the first time in my life I took time to really ponder about his words in the stillness. I experienced what I would call “God’s presence”, a deep comforting peace. Clear thoughts came to my mind while meditating that gave me guidance for my life. The words I had heard so many times because of my Christian background began to speak to me in a new, refreshing way! That’s why Dominik and I developed the app “Jesus words mediation”. We want to pass this wonderful, transforming experience on to others. The app is for free. Check it out it the app store or visit our homepage:

Check it out:  Facebook Page ——  Jesus Words Meditation ——  Google Playstore ——  Apple Store




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  1. I love meditation and am definitely going to check out that app. Thank you!!


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