Jesus-Centred Meditation

The word “meditate” means to ponder over something. It is something precious in today’s world to have time and vital for our health. I especially enjoy the silence when I am meditating. I not only experience silence around me but also within me. There is a place of inner silence. The more often you meditate the easier it becomes to access this place and to stop thinking. My husband and me developed the free app called “Jesus words mediation”. It is available for android and iOs, in English and German. It contains guided audio meditations. Similar to other meditations there is a part that guides you into silence and helps you to relax. In the centre of this meditation are words of Jesus. His teachings are often challenging, encouraging and always loving. Discover more about who Jesus was and what he taught his followers. It is probably not what you expect or already know. The setting of meditation allows us to go deeper into the meaning of these words for our personal life.

Check it out:  Facebook Page ——  Jesus Words Meditation ——  Google Playstore ——  Apple Store




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  1. I love meditation and am definitely going to check out that app. Thank you!!


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