Surf life.

I share some thoughts with you I had after surfing. I realized that I can apply them to my everyday life. There is deep truth in it. Surfing gives me the feeling of being fully alive. I am not a good surfer though. I think everyone can and maybe should experience this … “Surf life” became a motto for me.

Not every wave is a wave to fight and overcome. Some waves are better taken when you surrender. You can dive under a wave or go over it. Some waves you only survive when you admit that they are too big for you and dive. So it is in life. Be wise and decide which circumstances you can overcome on which not. Maybe you need to dive, to give in or to surrender.

The best waves break out in the sea where your feet can’t reach the ground anymore. You need to overcome or undergo a few crashing waves to get to the good ones out there. Sometimes you need to overcome and undergo some circumstances that crash against you and hit you in the face in your life, too. If you stay focused you can deal with it and get behind the line where things crash over you.

A wave ca take you far when you learn how to ride it. Difficulties can bring you far. When you learn how to deal with them, you learn to take advantage of their power.

The happiest surfer may be the very beginner; you never make progress so quickly as as a beginner. Improving your surfing skills almost every day is the reward for beginners. The better you get, the more you have to work for each progress.

Enjoy the ride. Good surfers are easily bored, beginners almost never. There’s always a small wave to take or some foam to ride and play with. In every day life: can you enjoy all the learning processes you are in at the moment?

Learning has its own intensity, it makes life exciting, each day challenging. The challenges are like waves: you need them to learn how to stand up.

Surfing teaches you to be fully in the moment. To think of anything else is pretty hard when the waves splash in your face.

You won’t catch a wave when you’re not ready for it. A good ride needs preparation, focus and effort.

Shape your will. You decide which wave you take, no one else. The same is essential for your life. You are the one who is in charge. Your decisions shape your life.

Not every wave takes you with it. It can be frustrating but as soon as you have one good wave everything else is forgotten and you know: this was worth the effort! It was worth each try and each single fail!

Learn to be fully in the moment every day. This helps you to make the most of it. Life is a gift. Your body is a gift from your creator. Be thankful for it.


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