Why I love Ramadhan for the food!

Ramadhan is known to be the month of fasting for muslims. We first experienced Ramadhan in Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia. To our big surprise the days don’t seem to be so much about fasting but more about eating! Let me tell you why it’s great to travel during Ramadhan, at least in Malaysia. Malaysia is a…

Children selling bracelets

Please don’t buy anything from children when you’re on holiday! Read some impressions and thoughts about it.

The best thing to do in Kuta, Bali

As we discovered Hillsong Bali I’m convinced that this is the best thing to do in Kuta! It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not – this church service will touch your heart and probably blow your mind.

Reality check: why Indonesia does not catch up with your dreams

It’s time for a reality check about Indonesia! Don’t you think it’s paradise when you read certain blog posts online? Have you also seen pictures of the most beautiful beaches that make you immediately come here? I tell you why I can not recommend Indonesia for traveling although it is really beautiful.

Bali: How to use Uber safely

When we realized that there is no public transportation on Bali we had to find an alternative to the expensive taxis. I can recommend Uber but it’s good to follow certain rules to be safe.